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Developer Linux News for Oct 29, 2007

  • Microsoft, SubSonic, and Me (2007-10-29 23:15:36)
    Rob Conery: "SubSonic will remain under the same MPL 1.1 license it always has, and will remain as completely Open Source as it always has--nothing will change at all..."

  • Less Rigid Maintainership Structure (2007-10-29 16:30:32)
    KernelTrap: "'Quite frankly, at least for me personally, what I would rather have [...] is a less rigid maintainership structure,' Linus Torvalds proposed..."

  • SourceForge Heads From One-Stop Shop to Mega-Market (2007-10-29 16:00:39)
    Australian PC World: "SourceForge has forged a name for itself as the one-stop shop for downloading open source software. Now it looks like it is heading to mega-market status..."

  • Sun Dual-Licenses NetBeans (2007-10-29 14:00:20)
    eWeek: "Sun Microsystems has announced that the latest version of its open-source application development platform, NetBeans Version 6.0 Beta 2, is now dual-licensed..."

  • Removing the i386 and x86_64 Directories (2007-10-29 07:30:22)
    KernelTrap: "'This series kill the old i386 and x86_64 directories. The relevant files are moved and adapted and Kconfig.debug was consolidated...'"

  • Quickstart: Debugging Ruby on Rails Applications (2007-10-29 04:30:36)
    Thinking Serious: "This post is for those that are new to Ruby on Rails, or those that have not spent the time learning the various debugging techniques..."