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Developer Linux News for Nov 30, 2007

  • The Convenient Fiction of Distributions (2007-11-30 23:30:51)
    Editor's Note: "This distro sux!" "No, that one does!" Interesting arguments, considering distributions are all built with nearly the same ingredients.

  • OpenDocument Format Community Steadfast Despite Theatrics of Now Impotent 'Foundation' (2007-11-30 20:30:37)
    ZDNet: "Not only does it appear as though they were on a thin limb with their opinions that ODF should be buried and that CDF should take its place, they crawled out even further when they publicly disclosed that the W3C and IBM shared those opinions as well..."

  • Ageia's PhysX Delaying Unreal Tournament 3 For Linux? (2007-11-30 13:00:42)
    Phoronix: "For those that are not familiar with PhysX, it is a proprietary physics engine SDK, which can be accelerated by their discrete Physics Processing Unit..."

  • What Editor Do You Use? (2007-11-30 11:30:09)
    Linux Journal: "Tim Bray recently posted the results of his Developer Tool Survey (although, I think it was really an editor/IDE survey)..."

  • The So-Called 'Incompleteness' Theory Of Open Source (2007-11-30 04:00:13)
    InformationWeek: "Sourceforge.net, the premier repository for open-source software, has more than 160,000 projects registered. Many of them will never reach the 1.0 revision marker. But is that really a bad thing...?"