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Developer Linux News for Dec 11, 2007

  • That Which We Call Free (2007-12-11 16:45:29)
    KernelTrap: "GNU Project and Free Software Foundation founder Richard Stallman posted a message on the OpenBSD -misc mailing list titled, 'real men don't attack straw men,' suggesting that some comments he had made were being misrepresented..."

  • Red Hat's Open Source IDE (2007-12-11 13:00:51)
    internetnews.com: "Six months ago, Linux vendor Red Hat acquired the closed source Exadel Studio Pro IDE and pledged to turn it into a fully open source Red Hat product..."

  • Finnish Developer Uses Linux and OSS to Move to Market Quickly (2007-12-11 12:15:46)
    Linux.com: "Navicron develops cell phone software on Linux, because the open source platform allows for 'more combinations' of the applications that cell phone manufacturers ask for..."

  • Cashing In On Open Source Projects the eBay Way (2007-12-11 03:15:41)
    DaniWeb: "Whenever I see a press release that includes words such as monetize, world's largest and unique position I have to admit I get a sudden urge to reach for the delete key..."

  • Web Strategy for Open-Source Businesses (Learning from JBoss) (2007-12-11 02:30:57)
    The Open Road: "JBoss knew who was hitting its website, what they were doing there, and how to nurture that initial interest into a sale..."

  • Ubuntu, Linux, Users, Bugs (2007-12-11 01:45:09)
    LinuxDevCenter: "'Here's an Ubuntu bug that seems to highlight everything that frustrates users who are not coders. It seems straightforward and simple, and yet the response is discouraging. What's going on here...?'"

  • Comparing "Open Source" Projects? Start by Asking Why Does the Project Exist (2007-12-11 01:00:42)
    Linux, Law, Open Source, and a Comedy of Errors: "How does a company--a profit seeking company, not a wild tongued developer--even get into an OpenDS situation...?"