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Developer Linux News for Feb 05, 2008

  • The Journalist Who Came in From the Cold (2008-02-05 22:45:58)
    Hoosier Penguin: "So it was with great relief when I heard that one of us was getting out, freeing himself to enter the much saner world of commercial-community Linux relations. Because we know nothing controversial ever happens in a job like that..."

  • We Have Submitted AGPL to OSI (2008-02-05 18:15:13)
    Mobile Open Source: "The last chapter is that AGPL v3 (the GPL version that fixes the ASP loophole) was finalized in November, and we switched the Funambol project to it..."

  • KDE 4 Developers: An Interview with Sebastian Kuegler (2008-02-05 17:30:53)
    Linux Tech Daily: "Project governance is an important aspect for Free Software projects, and KDE has managed to make itself more sustainable and stable from this point of view..."

  • Kernel Rate of Change (2008-02-05 10:45:48)
    KernelTrap: "'I re-ran some statistics the other day on our kernel development rate, and changed my formula after Andrew accused me of severely undercounting the rate of change,' noted Greg KH during a discussion about the stability of the Linux kernel..."

  • Finding the Happy Medium in FOSS (2008-02-05 10:00:06)
    Linux.com: "Last year, Dell began offering Ubuntu on non-corporate desktops and laptops, opening the door for other large computer companies to follow suit..."

  • The Disappointing Formats (2008-02-05 02:30:37)
    PlexNex: "Hope for a harmonization of formats does reflect one truth: that the whole point of this ugly exercise is to have one single FORMAT. Anything else ridiculously undermines common sense..."