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Developer Linux News for Feb 07, 2008

  • Btrfs 0.12, Performance Improvements (2008-02-07 18:15:08)
    KernelTrap: "Btrfs was first announced in June of 2007, as an alpha-quality filesystem offering checksumming of all files and metadata..."

  • Cinelerra Community Forks the Video Editor (2008-02-07 17:30:20)
    Linux.com: "The community surrounding Cinelerra, one of the premier non-linear video editors for Linux, has decided to strike off in its own direction and rewrite Cinelerra under a new codebase..."

  • If Torvalds Quit Linux Would Anyone Notice? (2008-02-07 16:45:35)
    ZDNet Australia: "If Linus Torvalds stepped away from his position as coordinator of the Linux kernel, it is unlikely many people would notice, according to the man himself..." [Flash video]

  • Interview with Bob Gobeille, HP Fossology (2008-02-07 12:15:58)
    SCALE: "HP recently released 2 projects, FOSSBazar and FOSSology, which have been generating a lot of discussion in the Open Source community..."

  • kgdb, To Merge Or Not To Merge (2008-02-07 11:30:28)
    KernelTrap: "It was recently pointed out that most of the x86 architecture patches had been merged into the mainline 2.6.25 kernel, except for the kgdb patches..."

  • Kernel Space: Avoiding the OOM Killer with mem_notify (2008-02-07 10:45:03)
    LinuxWorld: "Having applications that use up all the available memory can be a fairly painful experience..."

  • Could Oracle Crash Sun's ZFS Party (2008-02-07 02:30:00)
    g.campbell: "However Oracle it seems will be the unlikely hero, as it's skunkworks develop a next generation Linux Filesystem named Btrfs..."