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Developer Linux News for Feb 22, 2008

  • Local Caching For Network Filesystems (2008-02-22 11:30:02)
    KernelTrap: "'These patches add local caching for network filesystems such as NFS,' began David Howells describing an updated set of thirty-seven patches to introduce FS-Cache..."

  • Make Your Application Accessible with Accerciser (2008-02-22 07:00:57)
    Linux Journal: "You might think you need to be familiar with assistive technologies like the Orca screen reader to determine whether your application is accessible..."

  • Telling Time with Ruby (2008-02-22 05:30:27)
    Developer.com: "Admittedly, this sort of aggrandization used to elicit a sneer from yours truly, although at that point I'd never actually looked into the language to determine what all of the fuss was about..."

  • Europeans 'Better' Contributors to Open Source Community? (2008-02-22 02:30:26)
    Computer Business Review: "We got to talking about the different attitudes to open source in the US and in Europe..."

  • Is Counting Open Source Code Contributions Really Useful? (2008-02-22 01:00:34)
    Tech's Bottom Line: "If you're active in the open source world, Ohloh probably knows you. The Bellevue, Wash., software company has a database of some 70,000 developers working on nearly 11,000 of the world's major open source projects..."

  • Microsoft's Open-source Patent Threat Still Intact (2008-02-22 00:15:38)
    Underexposed: "Microsoft made major concessions Thursday that should make it easier for open-source software to dovetail with or even replace Microsoft products, but a major caveat means the company's legal threats remain alive and well..."