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Developer Linux News for Feb 25, 2008

  • Mozilla May Hold the Clues to the Future of Commercial Open Source (2008-02-25 22:45:06)
    The Open Road: "Much is rightly made about the quality of open-source software like JBoss and Red Hat Enterprise Linux. These, however, are arguably not the source of the quality of the businesses behind them. Their networks were/are..."

  • South American Software Development: A Climate of Creativity (2008-02-25 22:00:56)
    Dr. Dobb's Journal: "Who ultimately forced Sun to open-source Java? Was it external pressure, either from Java developers or the open-source community...?"

  • Stallman Relinquishing Reins of GNU Emacs After 32 Years (2008-02-25 14:30:47)
    Network World: "After more than three decades of work, the message from Richard Stallman, creator of the GNU Emacs text editor and keeper of its flame since 1976, couldn't possibly have been more matter of fact..."

  • Linux 2.6.25-rc3 [Released] (2008-02-25 13:45:55)
    LKML.org: "As usual, most of the updates are in architecture and drivers, with the dirstat showing about 37% in arch..."

  • Suspend and Freeze Paths (2008-02-25 08:30:43)
    KernelTrap: "Issues reported during the suspend-to-disk process lead Linux creator Linus Torvalds to suggest, 'please--just make the f*cking suspend-to-disk use other routines already...'"