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Developer Linux News for Mar 04, 2008

  • NDISwrapper and the GPL (Mar 04, 2008, 23:30)
    KernelTrap: "'A change after 2.6.24 broke ndiswrapper by accidentally removing its access to GPL-only symbols,' noted Pavel Roskin, offering a patch to address the issue..."

  • USB Drivers Going GPL-only in 2.6.25 (Mar 04, 2008, 22:00)
    LinuxWorld: "Here's one from the file of random stuff you see when you put a new machine on the upstream kernel instead of the distro kernel. USB drivers for Linux will be GPL-only with the release of the upcoming kernel 2.6.25..."

  • Mozilla Shoots for Quick Thunderbird 3.0 Alpha (Mar 04, 2008, 16:30)
    LinuxWorld Australia: "The Mozilla Foundation's new e-mail spin-off is aiming at a quick delivery of the first alpha version of Thunderbird 3.0, according to discussions among developers..."

  • Report: Open-Source Developers Command Up to 40 Percent Premium (Mar 04, 2008, 16:00)
    The Open Road: "Want to make more money as an enterprise application developer? You're in luck--if you know open source..."

  • Debian "Lenny" Will be Released as Debian 5.0 (Mar 04, 2008, 15:00)
    MDLog:/sysadmin: "It seems that the Debian team doesn't like to release minor versions anymore..."

  • Don't Use Emacs, Says Java's Father (Mar 04, 2008, 13:30)
    Computerworld Australia: "...James Gosling has urged coders to stop using the antiquated Emacs text editor and move to a more modern IDE like Sun's own open source NetBeans..."

  • Desktop Development for the OLPC Laptop (Mar 04, 2008, 05:30)
    developerWorks: "The XO-1 is a laptop computer designed to be inexpensively manufactured and distributed to children in developing countries around the world..."