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Developer Linux News for Mar 20, 2008

  • AMD Releases Production Microcode For All Radeon GPUs (2008-03-20 21:00:15)
    Phoronix: "In the next step towards open-source 3D support for the R500 and R600 GPUs (Radeon X1000 and Radeon HD 2000/3000), AMD has just pushed its production microcode into the Mesa/DRM git tree..."

  • Linux and the iPhone (2008-03-20 20:15:46)
    Roundup: Efforts to get Linux onto the iPhone platform have met serious resistance. So much so, that one Linux developer says the Microsoft mobile platform tools are more open than Apple's.

  • Curl Ten Years Today (2008-03-20 19:30:05)
    daniel.haxx.se: "On March 20th 1998 curl 4 was released. It was the first curl release ever even if already at version 4 since we kept the version number from the previous projects we did before curl--using other names..."

  • The Fog of War and a Ray of Light (2008-03-20 17:15:47)
    ConsortiumInfo: "Only rarely is something now written or said that cuts through this fog of war. A few days ago in South Africa, someone did just that, and that's what I've written about today..."

  • Self-Support Tools Work with Java, Linux (2008-03-20 10:30:36)
    LinuxDevices: "A small start-up based in Seattle has started selling a 'self-support' tool for developers working with Java and/or Linux..."

  • Kernel Space: How to Use a Terabyte of RAM (2008-03-20 04:30:46)
    LinuxWorld: "An experimental new design for Linux's virtual memory system would turn a large amount of system RAM into a fast RAM disk with automatic sync to magnetic media..."

  • Subcontractors, Meet Open Source (2008-03-20 03:00:41)
    InformationWeek: "Now that the recent lawsuit against Verizon by a couple of open source developers has been settled, it's become clear--as some people suspected--that the real offender here wasn't Verizon per se but a subcontractor, Actiontec..."

  • The #1 Problem in OSS Usability and What I'm Going to Do About It (2008-03-20 01:30:57)
    obso1337.org: "I was doing some research on a paper I am writing about open source usability practices when it hit me..."