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Developer Linux News for Mar 25, 2008

  • Why Open Source Contributes to Productivity (2008-03-25 21:00:35)
    Hack Your Day: "I think this is because open source stuff contributes to productivity. Not necessarily personal, but community productivity..."

  • A Hard Problem (2008-03-25 18:45:13)
    LinuxWorld: "Simon Phipps proposes a hard problem: expanding the definition of 'open source' to include patents..."

  • Survey: Devs Dip Into Both Open, Closed Apps (2008-03-25 17:15:14)
    internetnews.com: "If you thought that most open source developers work for open source companies, you might well be wrong..."

  • Open Source Software Made Developers Cool. Now It Can Make Them Rich (2008-03-25 16:30:36)
    Wired: "Last spring, marketer and blogger Hugh MacLeod posted a question on his site: If open source is such a phenomenon, where are all the open source billionaires...?"

  • Virtual Compound Pages (2008-03-25 07:30:06)
    KernelTrap: "'Allocations of larger pages are not reliable in Linux. If larger pages have to be allocated then one faces various choices of allowing graceful fallback or using vmalloc with a performance penalty due to the use of a page table...'"