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Developer Linux News for May 19, 2008

  • Wanted: Android Apps for the Enterprise (2008-05-19 22:30:17)
    eWeek: "Google paid $25,000 each to 50 programming teams to build apps that aren't relevant to the enterprise. What's next...?"

  • Discussing Free Software Syncronicity (2008-05-19 21:00:14)
    aseigo: "The good news is that I think we're finding common ground: Mark sees the logic behind staggering upstream to reflect dependencies..."

  • Wine 1.0 Release Status (2008-05-19 18:45:02)
    Wine Review: "wine-1.0rc1 was released on Friday, May 9th, 2008. Wine is now in a code freeze in preparation for the 1.0 release..."

  • The 2008 Google Summer of Code: 21 Projects I'm Excited About (2008-05-19 17:15:28)
    Free Software Magazine: "The annual Google Summer of Code is upon us again. For the uninformed, that's when Google pays hundreds of students and hundreds of mentors to work on free software projects, ranging from AbiSource to Zumastor..."

  • Survey: Programmers Shunning Vista for Mac OS and Linux (2008-05-19 13:30:28)
    Fortune/Apple 2.0: "The headline was that most developers are still not targeting Windows Vista when they write new apps..."

  • Linux 2.6.26-rc3 [Released] (2008-05-19 12:45:51)
    LKML.org: "This time around, we have 60+% of the changes in drivers, notably drives/video and drivers/media, with some infiniband, networking and usb lovin' to fill things out..."

  • Linux Kernel Compile Secrets, Part 1 (2008-05-19 06:00:27)
    ITtoolbox: "The Linux kernel is the beating heart of any Linux distribution. It is a strange and complex beast and to many people somewhat mystical in nature. I intend to shed light on some of that mystical shroud and show how simple and easy compiling a Linux kernel really is..."

  • Removing the Big Kernel Lock (2008-05-19 00:00:56)
    KernelTrap: "'As some of the latency junkies on lkml already know, commit 8e3e076 in v2.6.26-rc2 removed the preemptible BKL feature and made the Big Kernel Lock a spinlock and thus turned it into non-preemptible code again..."

  • Discussing Free Software Syncronicity (2008-05-15 20:15:48)
    here be dragons: "There's been a flurry of discussion around the idea of syncronicity in free software projects..."