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Developer Linux News for Jul 08, 2008

  • Is It Time for Open Source to Grow Up? (2008-07-08 20:15:12)
    ITtoolbox: "In the past ten years Open Source software and its poster child, Linux, has expanded quite remarkably. It has changed from a rebel without a cause to an entity that even the tried and true establishments have sat up and taken notice..."

  • Reiser Reportedly Leads Police to Wife's Body (2008-07-08 12:45:02)
    CNET News: "Hans Reiser, the Linux programmer convicted in April of murdering his estranged wife, has led police to what is believed to be her body, authorities told the San Francisco Chronicle on Monday..."

  • Developing for Linux Netbooks (2008-07-08 09:45:54)
    The Linux Distillery: "Here's my tips for developing software for the emerging and widely popular netbook market..."

  • Apache2: Logging To A MySQL Database With mod_log_sql (Debian Etch) (2008-07-08 06:45:55)
    HowtoForge: "This guide shows how you can write the Apache2 access log to a MySQL database instead of a file..."

  • BSD or GPL: Choosing an Open Source License (2008-07-08 02:15:50)
    DevelopersVoice: This article will explain the fundamentals of each license, and will help you in choosing the right license for your open source project..."

  • Nokia Acquires Symbian: So What? (2008-07-08 01:30:40)
    DeviceGuru: "The reaction to this news by most mobile device market analysts has generally ranged from indifference to cautious praise..."

  • Interface Obsession Syndrome (2008-07-08 00:00:45)
    Penguin Pete's Blog: "Who has Interface Obsession Syndrome? The computing world, that's who. All of it: designers, users, open source software, proprietary software, web designers, web surfers. Everybody. It's a disease..."