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Developer Linux News for Jul 16, 2008

  • What Linus Torvalds thinks about BSD (2008-07-16 21:29:47)
    Internet News: "It's soo rude that it's 'funny' - that is if you're not an OpenBSD developer or have a particular affection for monkeys."

  • Using Static Analysis Tools to Identify Code Smells (2008-07-16 11:00:22)
    IBM Developerworks: "Over the years, I've seen lots of source code from many projects, ranging from elegant designs to code that appeared to be bundled together with duct tape. I've written new code and maintained other developers' source code. I'd rather write new code, but I enjoy taking some existing code and reducing complexity in a method or extracting duplicate code into a common class. Earlier in my career, many believed that if you weren't writing new code, you weren't being productive. Fortunately, in the late 1990s, Martin Fowler's book Refactoring (see Resources) helped make the practice of improving existing code without changing external behavior — well — cool."

  • Hamsterdb: a Small, Fast Database That Won't Weigh You Down (2008-07-16 08:00:22)
    Developer.com: "Cristoph Rupp's hamsterdb is a lightweight, embedded database engine designed for ease of use, high performance, stability, and portability...embedded systems such as cellphones and other portable devices, where memory is at a premium, also will benefit from the lightweight hamsterdb. It also supports in-memory databases, which may be helpful for these platforms as well."

  • Intro to Awk, the Great Language with a Strange Name (2008-07-16 06:30:22)
    IBM Developerworks: "Sure, awk doesn't have a great name. But it is a great language. Awk is geared toward text processing and report generation, yet features many well-designed features that allow for serious programming. And, unlike some languages, awk's syntax is familiar, and borrows some of the best parts of languages like C, python, and bash (although, technically, awk was created before both python and bash). Awk is one of those languages that, once learned, will become a key part of your strategic coding arsenal."