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Developer Linux News for Jul 17, 2008

  • Mono Man Accuses Mac Gtk+ Fans of Jeopardizing Linux Desktop (2008-07-17 17:15:59)
    The Register: "De Icaza, leading the Mono and Moonlight cross-platform .NET projects at Novell, has warned a "new crop" of developers pushing plans for Gtk+ 3 risk "throwing away years of work" on Gtk+. They're also failing to recognize the value of having an ISV ecosystem working to put Gnome on Linux. Gtk+ is the tool set for building the Gnome graphical user interface, with version three the next planned major update."

  • Getting Started with XForms in OpenOffice (2008-07-17 15:45:59)
    DevX.com: "Most developers have heard of XForms as an XML-based forms language meant to replace traditional HTML Forms. This is essentially correct; XForms was created as the next generation version of HTML forms—but the design goals are such that they can be implemented as forms in environments other than the web browser. One such environment is your typical office application. XForms is implemented as one possible method of doing forms-based applications in OpenOffice or Sun's StarOffice."

  • Google Android: The Difference Between "Open" and "Open Source" (2008-07-17 14:15:22)
    OStatic: "...developers - tired of fighting bugs in a months-old SDK build - started asking for a roadmap of future releases. Not only did Google ignore this request, but they did something worse (from the point of view of many developers): they released a fresh SDK build to a few favored developers, and then accidentally leaked the news themselves."

  • Persistent Configuration Options For X.Org Drivers (2008-07-17 02:00:48)
    Phoronix: "Thanks to more reliable EDID (Extended Display Identification Data) on LCD panels, it's generally no longer needed to manually specify mode-lines within this X.Org configuration file. With improvements for auto-detection, in many circumstances it's no longer even needed to manually specify your graphics driver and other options. However, the X Server currently lacks an infrastructure for supporting persistent device properties."