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Developer Linux News for Jul 22, 2008

  • "Internet Explorer 7 is the Best Release We Ever Did" (2008-07-22 20:15:27)
    derStandard: "Blizzard: There is still quite a large percentage of people using IE 6 and that is certainly holding back the web. But you are starting to see web developers getting more and more frustrated with IE6, and there already have been some major movements in this regard, like with Apple: Mobile.me does not support Internet Explorer 6 anymore..."

  • Using Perltidy To Beautify Ugly Perl Scripts (2008-07-22 11:00:41)
    The Linux and Unix Menagerie: "Today, we're going to look at almost the exact opposite of what we've done in the past in our posts on security through obfuscation (the series being linked back to on the most recent page) and look at a freely available, and highly configurable, way to unmangle Perl code. The program (or, to be more exact, the Perl Module) that takes care of that for us is called Perl::Tidy..."

  • Choosing Between Mashups and Standard Web Apps (2008-07-22 09:30:41)
    IBM Developerworks: "One of the first questions that customers often ask is "What’s the difference between a mashup and the Web applications that we currently use in our enterprise today?" The difference has little to do with technology or the integration of systems. Instead, it reflects the ease with which the application can be created by users, how the application is intended to be used, and the lack of nonfunctional requirements (for example, reliability, availability, and performance) that need to be addressed after the mashup or Web application is deployed."