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Developer Linux News for Jul 24, 2008

  • Crowd-sourcing the E-car (2008-07-24 22:35:53)
    Washington Post: "After the wikipedia, the wikicar. "eCars - Now!" is a Finnish Internet community seeking to apply the collective approach taken by online collaborators like the authors of Wikipedia to start converting used petrol-fuelled cars to electric ones, with the first roll-out due this year."

  • When Is Open Source Not That Open Source? (2008-07-24 22:05:53)
    DevX: "License alone doesn't determine open source. The degree and ease of individual participation in the development process are equally important determining factors."

  • MySQL: Back to Its Roots Via Sun (2008-07-24 20:35:53)
    InternetNews: "While MySQL is helping Sun to better understand the broader open source community approach, a side effect is that it is actually been beneficial to MySQL's development as well."

  • JasperSoft Fires Up New OSS Forge (2008-07-24 17:30:41)
    LinuxInsider: "The new JasperSoft Forge responds to the changing needs of both open source software developers and a new class of business users drawn to the forge JasperSoft created two years ago. JasperForge v2, developed in a partnership with Essentia, uses a social networking approach to provide an intuitive experience for users to join or start a project, interact with the community around it, and move that project forward."

  • Re-jigged Intel Mobile Linux stack Dumps Ubuntu (2008-07-24 16:00:41)
    The Register: "Intel's project to put a Linux and open source stack on mobile devices is getting overhauled to attract developer support, having failed to generate much interest... the existing Ubuntu-based kernel is out and Fedora is in, along with a set of Gnome-compatible mobile components that updates Moblin's previous Gnome implementation."

  • Veteran Developer Ditches Microsoft For Open Source (2008-07-24 15:30:41)
    Linux.com: "If you've ever used Microsoft Access or Excel, you have likely used a product that Mike Gunderloy had a hand in developing. The irony is that Gunderloy himself doesn't use those products anymore. He's given up Microsoft for open source -- and he's not going back."

  • OS Roundup: BSD Bug Emerges From Chrysalises (2008-07-24 04:30:16)
    Serverwatch: "Paul Rubens How long does it take to spot a bug in an operating system? The answer, it seems, can be as long as 33 years. At least, that was the case with a recently discovered bug in the yacc parser generator originally developed at AT&T back in the 1970s and discovered recently by OpenBSD developer Otto Moerbeek."

  • Simple Multiple-Steam Output Redirection With Zsh On Linux and Unix (2008-07-24 03:00:16)
    The Linux and Unix Menagerie: "Following up on yesterday's post regarding using zsh's extended globbing functionality, today we're going to look at another feature supported by zsh, that can't be done nearly as easily in most other shells. Today we're going to look at some unique ways you can manipulate input and output redirection, even with multiple streams, while avoided a lot of extra code, and maybe a temp file or three."