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Developer Linux News for Jul 29, 2008

  • Developers' Delicate Dance With the iPhone App Store (2008-07-29 19:30:52)
    LinuxInsider: "Developers pay the company $99 a year to be a part of the program, and Apple keeps 30 percent of the sales revenue. Software updates are offered on Apple's timetable, which tends to slow things down when an application has a bug that needs fixing."

  • Features For Phoronix Test Suite 1.2 (2008-07-29 13:30:09)
    Phoronix: "We're in the middle of the development cycle right now for Phoronix Test Suite 1.2 "Malvik", but we expect to wrap up this first major post-1.0 release in September. Phoronix Test Suite 1.2 -- which is licensed under the GNU GPLv3 -- will ship with full support for a module/plug-in architecture, advanced analytical features, enhanced hardware/software detection support, and support for other UNIX operating systems."

  • Testing a HELP System in a Java Application (2008-07-29 06:30:09)
    Packet: "When users do not find a way out from a specific problem in our application, it is the help section they turn to. Hence it is important that the help feature is well maintained and without any errors. In this article by Tim Lavers and Lindsay Peters, we will see the errors that can occur in our help section and how to test the help section."

  • 5 Things You Didn’t Know About Linux Kernel Code Metrics (2008-07-29 02:00:09)
    Linuxator: "Recently Greg Kroah Hartman showed some very interesting Linux kernel development stats. I decided to do some too and the result are 5 cool things you probably didn’t know about the kernel code ;-) These aren’t anything I’ve seen so far about the kernel."