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Developer Linux News for Jul 30, 2008

  • Languages and Language Settings in Moodle (2008-07-30 22:00:09)
    Packt: "If our website is able to communicate with people of different languages, globally the popularity of the website would go up. With Moodle, we have the option of making our site more interactive as it offers support for different languages. In this article by William Rice, we will see how to configure different languages on our Moodle website and also look at some of the available language settings."

  • Fleury’s Open Remote is All About the Software (2008-07-30 21:30:09)
    ZDNet: "It has been over five years since I started writing about wireless applications which live in the air, for home automation, inventory, and health care. Very little has really happened, and the reason might be proprietary architectures. If it is, Marc Fleury has the solution."

  • Floating Point Math in Bash (2008-07-30 20:30:09)
    Linux Journal: "When you think about it, it's surprising how many programming tasks don't require the use of floating point numbers. If you're an embedded systems programmer, you'd probably get fired for using "double" in a C program. If you write PHP or JavaScript, quick, do they even support floating point? One language that doesn't support it is Bash, but let's not let that stop us..."

  • Kernel Space: No Shortage of Tracing Options (2008-07-30 16:00:00)
    Computerworld: "...the main surprise is that, after all this time, Linux still does not have a top-quality answer to DTrace..."

  • Give Apache Geronimo a Lift (2008-07-30 10:00:09)
    IBM Developerworks: "Lift is a new Web application framework. It is a highly scalable framework built on the Scala programming language. It is the perfect partner for a highly scalable application server, such as Apache Geronimo, especially since Scala compiles to byte code just like the Java language and leverages the Java platform. In this article, you will learn how to create a Web application using Lift and deploy it to Geronimo."

  • Deal With XML Parsing Errors in Java APIs (2008-07-30 08:30:09)
    IBM Developerworks: "With the ease of XML parsing in the newer Java™ language APIs, from JAXP to JAXB to JAX-WS, XML parsing has become foundational to Java programming. But with the abstractions and higher-level APIs comes an apparent loss of control over the fine-grained interactions between a parser and your XML data. This typically leads to more errors or worse, a complete halt of parsing when even the smallest problem arises. Fortunately, the Simple API for XML (SAX) still provides an easy-to-use means of dealing with errors..."