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Developer Linux News for Aug 07, 2008

  • IBM To Linux Desktop Developers: 'Stop Copying Windows' (2008-08-07 19:00:06)
    Information Week: "Bob Sutor, VP of open source and standards at IBM, told attendees of the LinuxWorld Conference in San Francisco, that what the open source community needs to make Linux popular as a desktop OS used by consumers and businesses are "some really good graphic designers. Stop copying 2001 Windows. That's not where the usability action is," Sutor said during his afternoon keynote."

  • Easily Develop and Deploy Web Applications From Subversion (2008-08-07 17:30:06)
    Lone Wolves: "First I will show you how to configure Apache on your development server so that it picks up your checked out working copies as separate subdomains. Using this, you can simply make a checkout of your project and it will automagically be up and running. No need to touch the Apache configuration. After that I will show you how to use dnsmasq so you can achieve the same effect on your own development machine. That way you can develop your web applications locally and you won't need a central development server."

  • Opendocument Format (2008-08-07 16:00:06)
    Trolltech Lab Blogs: "So, for end users the biggest advantage of the uptake of ODF is that more and more applications will standardize on this one format and thus applications will be much more interoperable. OpenOffice and KOffice are the early adopters here, I expect that many more applications will start to generate or consume ODF in some form or other. For example to export an abstract dataset to a nicely formatted document ready for printing, or the web."

  • VMware Joins Linux Foundation -- While Reportedly Violating the GPL (2008-08-07 15:00:06)
    The Open Road: "What it doesn't resolve is the allegation that VMware is in active and conscious violation of the GPL. Some of these allegations appear to be well-founded. VMware's lack of response to the allegations is not golden, especially in light of its embrace of the Linux Foundation."

  • Analysis: Linux Versus RTOS (2008-08-07 14:30:06)
    Electronics Weekly: "Linux has become well-established in the world of embedded design, but there are often reservations about its real-time performance. There are significant advantages to using Linux. A careful analysis of the real-time performance requirements of a system design can reveal whether Linux can be used or a real-time operating system is necessary."