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Developer Linux News for Aug 08, 2008

  • The A-Z of Programming Languages: Python (2008-08-08 22:30:07)
    TechWorld: "Being youthful at the time I figured I could design and implement a language "almost, but not quite, entirely unlike" ABC, improving upon ABC's deficiencies, and solve our support applications problem, so around Christmas 1989, I started hacking. For various reasons, soon after Python was complete enough to be used, that particular project was no longer as relevant, but Python proved useful to other projects at CWI, and in early 1991 (i.e. a little over a year after I started) we did the first open source release (well before the term open source had even been invented)."

  • Internationalizing Web Applications Using Dojo (2008-08-08 06:00:06)
    IBM Developerworks: "The mother tongue of most of the people in the world is not English. It might be a widely used language like Chinese or French, or a rarely used language like the Bask language or Yiddish. These people, regardless of their English skills, may be potential clients; the only problem is how to reach them...In this article, discover a way to perform native language support in the context of Web sites and Web applications using the i18n feature of the Dojo toolkit."

  • Java Run-time Monitoring, Part 1: Run-time Performance (2008-08-08 04:30:06)
    IBM Developerworks: "Run-time performance monitoring is critical to achieving and maintaining a well-performing system. In this article, the first in a three-part series, Nicholas Whitehead explains how to do low-level granular monitoring of Java™ performance efficiently. The data you generate can provide valuable insights into system operation and reveal constraints and influences that affect an environment's stability and performance."

  • Linux Foundation Launches Killer Development Tool (2008-08-08 03:00:06)
    Linux.com: "Ask any independent software vendor what he hates most about developing for Linux and he'll tell you that it's having to develop for SUSE and for Red Hat and for Ubuntu and ... you get the idea. The Linux Foundation has just released a beta of a new program, Linux Application Checker (AppChecker), that's going to make ISVs and other programmers start to love developing for Linux."