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Developer Linux News for Aug 11, 2008

  • Interview with Andrew Tanenbaum, Creator of MINIX (2008-08-11 21:04:03)
    PC World: "If Linux's Tux penguin and MINIX's raccoon faced off in a fight to the death, who would win?"
    "Raccoons are quite aggressive. Penguins are not. There would be chicken for dinner."

  • Linuxworld Features a Range of New Technologies Built on Embedded Linux (2008-08-11 18:34:03)
    Computerworld: ""We are on the cusp of seeing what Linux did for software repeated on the hardware side," says Thomas. "The difference is that the hardware itself is not free.""

  • Is Microsoft Trying to Kill Apache? (2008-08-11 14:04:03)
    Free Software Magazine: "Thanks to their bloated coffers, funded by the hated Microsoft tax, amongst other things, it was a financial non event for them to stump up the $100,000 per year to become a Platinum sponsor of the Apache Software Foundation. For Microsoft that kind of money is the equivalent of that coin you lost down the back of the sofa last week."

  • The TIOBE List Director vs. the 'Anti-Java' Professor (2008-08-11 12:34:02)
    Datamation: "As noted in this interview – The 'Anti-Java' Professor and the Jobless Programmers – he claims that Java’s classroom prevalence is churning out CS grads who are marginally competent. At worse, they’re easily replaced by offshore programmers."

  • Mozilla Calls for a Next-Gen Browser: What's it Look Like? (2008-08-11 01:04:07)
    OStatic: "The Aurora video shows new ideas on how web users might collaborate in the future. In the video, a user is shown looking at web pages while photos and names of friends or colleagues are shown on screen at the same time. Users collaborating can drag hand-like cursors around to show each other things on the web, and can navigate Mac-like docks with icons for various types of information they may share."