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Developer Linux News for Aug 14, 2008

  • Floating Point Math in Bash, Part 2 (Wait for System Load) (2008-08-14 19:34:27)
    Linux Journal: "If you run scripts that require a lot of execution time it's a good idea to try to avoid letting them overload your system. You can run them via nice, but if for example your script is sending a bunch of emails your email daemon isn't running via nice and it may itself get out of control. One way to deal with this is by using the values in /proc/loadavg to pause when your system load gets too high."

  • 2.6.27-rc3, "Things Really _Have_ Calmed Down" (2008-08-14 18:04:27)
    Kernel Trap: ""Things really _have_ calmed down, and hopefully we've also resolved a lot of the regressions in -rc3," began Linus Torvalds, announcing the 2.6.27-rc3 Linux kernel. He noted that much of the patch size was from the inclusion of the new ath9k wireless driver, with much of the rest of the patch size due to the renaming of many arch include files in the ARM, AVR32 and m68lnommu architectures."

  • Lessons From PHP 4.4 End-of-Life Announcement (2008-08-14 16:34:27)
    OStatic: "The developers of PHP announced last week that PHP version 4.4.9 is now available. This would not be remarkable in and of itself, except that the developers also indicated that this would be the last release of PHP 4.4."

  • Ugandan Students Translate Firefox (2008-08-14 16:04:27)
    Tectonic: "Students and linguists from Makerere University have translated the open source web browser, Mozilla Firefox, into Luganda at a Translate@thon held on the campus in Kampala, Uganda last week. The two-day gathering brought together almost 200 students and allowed them to make a practical contribution to their language's presence in the digital age."

  • From Scripting to Object-oriented Python Programming (2008-08-14 11:04:27)
    IBM Developerworks: "Often it is difficult to make the transition from procedural scripting to object-oriented programming. This article explores how to reuse knowledge from PHP, Bash, or Python scripting to transition to object-oriented programming in Python. The article also briefly touches on the appropriate use of functional programming."

  • Coming Soon: AMD R600 3D Documentation (2008-08-14 09:34:27)
    Phoronix: "Since the end of 2007 it has been a mixed bag as to whether AMD would assist the open-source community in developing the Mesa 3D driver (as part of their open-source strategy) by releasing the register documentation covering the 3D engine or by providing sample source-code -- as they had been uncertain as to what would be more beneficial."

  • Converting troff to HTML (2008-08-14 08:04:27)
    Linux Journal: "This is another from my "rusty scripts" collection which was written for a specific task long ago. In this case, we were converting some internal documentation from troff using the mm macros into HTML."

  • Integration at Akademy (2008-08-14 06:34:27)
    KDE Dot News: "One of the talks on Saturday morning was about integration. As it was given by Inge Wallin it quickly started to resemble a Marble talk - fans of that application must be having a blast, as there's also a 'real' talk about Marble by Patrick Spendrin. Marble was used by Inge to show one of the longtime strengths of KDE - integration."

  • Beef up the Find Command in Firefox (2008-08-14 00:34:27)
    IBM Developerworks: "This article presents tools and code needed to add your own text-searching interface to Firefox. With a Greasemonkey user script and some custom algorithms, you'll be able to add grep -v functionality to text searches — that is, highlighting a first search term where a second one is not located nearby."