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Developer Linux News for Sep 10, 2008

  • htaccess Allow From (2008-09-10 21:31:19)
    The Linux Blog: "htaccess allow from gives you the ability to allow (or deny) specific IP’s or domain names from a directory on your server."

  • Copyleft Has no Impact on Project Activity?! (2008-09-10 20:31:19)
    Free Software Magazine: "...the one measure I could derive of how much copyleft actually works showed that copyleft made no difference whatsoever! If true, this means a lot of free software’s social theory is wrong and many things will have to be re-thought."

  • Free Book Chapter Explains Debugging (2008-09-10 15:01:19)
    Linux Devices: "No Starch Press is offering a free chapter of its book on using open source debugging tools. Written by Norman Matloff and Peter Jay Salzman, The Art of Debugging with GDB, DDD, and Eclipse offers readers advice and strategies for each tool..."

  • Why Mozilla is Committed to Gecko as WebKit Popularity Grows (2008-09-10 13:31:19)
    ars Technica: "...some technology enthusiasts are beginning to wonder if the days are numbered for Mozilla's Gecko rendering engine. Despite the growing popularity of WebKit, those who understand the differences between the two rendering engines and have an appreciation of Gecko's technical strengths..."

  • PostgreSQL's Transaction Model (2008-09-10 10:31:19)
    Packt: "We will look into the details of how PostgreSQL handles transactions and how it can be advantageous over Oracle's Transaction Model."

  • Finding Overlapping Matches Using Perl's Lookahead Assertion Matching On Linux (2008-09-10 06:01:19)
    The Linux and Unix Menagerie: "In many instances, a well thought-out regular expression can convince most non-technical people in the room that you're a computer genius who's brain possesses more synapses, forming more bridges and firing more rapidly than anyone's ever should."

  • Video: Programming with the Python Django web framework (2008-09-10 04:31:19)
    Linux Magazine: "In response to a challenge to programming language developers set by the editors of Linux Magazine, Python Django returned with a solution that is now available as a video workshop."

  • Tcsh Shell Variable Manipulation (2008-09-10 01:31:19)
    IBM developerWorks: "Learn how you can use tcsh shell variables to make your work easier and how to take advantage of tcsh's advanced security features."

  • Developers: Legal Tips for Young Players - Contracts (2008-09-10 00:01:19)
    Brendan Scott's Weblog: "In this series of posts we look at a number of generic legal issues which are relevant to developers, and especially to open source developers working for themselves or in small or medium enterprises."