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Developer Linux News for Sep 17, 2008

  • Adobe AIR Launches on Linux (2008-09-17 20:01:41)
    The Open Road: "Bringing it to Linux removes yet another roadblock to bringing disruptive applications to Linux."

  • Scratch: Open-Source Programming for Kids (2008-09-17 18:31:41)
    The Open Road: "Peter Lofgren of Redpill (Sweden) sent over a link to Scratch, a cool open-source project from MIT Media Labs. The purpose? Make programming easy and approachable for kids as young as eight-years old."

  • The Kernel Hacker's Bookshelf: UNIX Internals (2008-09-17 13:31:41)
    LWN: "The only solution was to learn more about operating systems, and quickly. So I pulled out my favorite operating systems textbook and read and re-read it obsessively over the course of the next year. It worked well enough that my company tried very hard to convince me not to quit when I got bored with my "dream job" and left to work at Sun."

  • High-End Developers Choose Commercial Linux (2008-09-17 13:01:41)
    Vnunet.com: "Developers are choosing commercial, rather than non-commercial, distributions of Linux when it comes to building high-performance or mission-critical systems, according to new research."

  • Update On The Tux3 Filesystem (2008-09-17 12:47:41)
    LKML: "It's been a busy week with all the checkins. Not all of them from me! And Tux3 university, which seems to be going quite well. For the next session (Tuesday, 8 p.m. pacific time on irc.oftc.net #tux3) the theme will be: VFS read and write. Yes, that's all, and it's a lot."

  • CodeWeavers Ports Chromium to Linux and Mac OS X (2008-09-17 06:31:41)
    OStatic: "This post from the CodeWeavers blog details how the company has succesfully ported versions of Chromium--the open source core of Google's Chrome browser--for Mac and Linux."

  • Perl Script To Maximize Guaranteed Combinations Within Fixed Lists (2008-09-17 05:01:41)
    The Linux and Unix Menagerie: "Breaking tradition (or continuing it, depending on how often you read this blog ;) we're going to have part 2 of yesterday's two-parter tomorrow and put up our final Perl script to find the maximum guaranteed number sets, or lists, within larger number pools."