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Developer Linux News for Sep 20, 2008

  • Combinations Vs. Permutations on Linux and Unix (2008-09-20 20:02:11)
    The Linux and Unix Menagerie: "Probably a few people out there were thinking: "Why permutations if 1,2,3 and 3,1,2 are going to be considered equal? Isn't that just a bunch of extra work?" The answers to those questions are "why not" and "yes""

  • Comparing Cursor and Set Approaches in Processing Relational Data (2008-09-20 12:02:11)
    Packt: "MySQL introduced cursor in its release 5. You create a cursor to define a set of rows from one or more table that you want to access row-by-row sequentially. If your need is really to access the rows one at a time then use cursor."

  • Make Your Graphical Text Semantic and Searchable (2008-09-20 06:02:11)
    IBM Developerworks: "However, without actual text on a page, search engines like Google and Yahoo, as well as ad services like Google Ads, are hampered in identifying and classifying a site. This article explains how to get the beauty and elegance of image-based text, without sacrificing semantic meaning on a Web page."

  • Linux Foundation Opening Doors to Individual Participation (2008-09-20 04:32:11)
    Linux.com: "The nonprofit Linux Foundation (LF), which coordinates an assortment of Linux-oriented standardization efforts and employs key developers such as Linux creator Linus Torvalds, has added to its Web site a gateway toward individual -- as opposed to corporate -- membership. Individuals can join through the site by paying yearly dues, and will get a small voice in Foundation matters in exchange -- plus their choice of T-shirts."