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Developer Linux News for Sep 24, 2008

  • Networking 101: TCP In More Depth (2008-09-24 23:19:12)
    Linux Planet: "Last week's introduction to TCP promised that this article would enlighten, entertain and obviate all other documentation. Well the last one isn't quite possible in this much space, but let's go ahead and take a look at TCP operational issues, now that we know a little about what TCP actually is."

  • Ubuntu Bug 272826: Ubuntero (2008-09-24 22:47:49)
    Linux Magazine: "According to the Ubuntu Community page, Ubunteros (aka Ubuntites) are Ubuntu activists. This Ubuntero name has been used for the past few years, but now there is discussion about changing it to Ubuntista, or another gender-neutral word."

  • Offline Ajax Apps With Apache Derby Persistent Data (2008-09-24 14:36:51)
    developerWorks: "Learn how to use Apache Derby as a local data store that can be used to take your Ajax application offline."

  • The Android Phone Is Here! So What? (2008-09-24 10:37:58)
    ComputerWorld Blogs: "OK, I'm really pleased that Linux does so well in the mobile phone space. I'm very happy to see Google's Linux-powered Android phone make its first appearance. But, come on, who buys a phone for its operating system?"

  • My App Fails the LSB (2008-09-24 06:01:00)
    Realeyes Technology: "While I am not a conspiracy theorist, I do believe in the law of unintended consequences. And I have a nagging feeling that the LSB could actually be detrimental to GNU/Linux."