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Developer Linux News for Oct 22, 2008

  • Debian Lenny Bug Sprint - Oct 25 to Oct 30 - Register and eat cookies (Oct 22, 2008, 20:31)
    Debian Devel Announce: "we are currently very close to release lenny which is most likely going to be absolutely awesome. However, there are currently around 100 RC bugs remaining that stand between us and this release."

  • Examining the Compilation Process. part 2. (Oct 22, 2008, 20:01)
    Linux Journal: "And so, last time I had concluded my article with a very light discussion of the linking process. I intend to go a bit deeper into the linking process in this article, as well as some discussion about some of the optimizations that GCC can perform for you."

  • Moblin Linux Gathers Momentum (Oct 22, 2008, 19:47)
    LinuxDevices: "The project, which supports Intel Atom-based mobile Internet devices (MIDs) and netbooks, continues to gain support, with Good OS (GoS), Mandriva, and Turbolinux announcing they will contribute to the project. Ericsson, meanwhile, announced it is working on HSPA chipsets for next-generation Moorestown-based MIDs that run the Linux-based Moblin stack."

  • Contest Winners Rig Up Wacky Linux Implementations (Oct 22, 2008, 15:01)
    OStatic: "Launched a month ago, the contest challenged users to come up with interesting, challenging technology solutions leveraging Linux. Full results of the contest including quotes from the winning contestants are found here. Here are some of the more imaginative winning solutions."

  • Introduction to the Moblin Image Creator (Oct 22, 2008, 14:01)
    OStatic: "Recently, there has been a lot of buzz surrounding the Moblin Project, designed to bring open source applications to mobile devices. Though the news generally focuses on big name distributions getting involved, Moblin still features the "community feel and involvement" that draws many to open source projects."

  • Bash Script To Access Wikipedia (Oct 22, 2008, 10:31)
    The Linux and Unix Menagerie: "This week's Monday Linux/Unix bash shell script brings us one step closer to the end of our "web-based-info-site command line program" project (And we'll never again hire anyone to name a project for us that gets paid by the word)"

  • Developing Intelligent Agents for the Semantic Web (Oct 22, 2008, 09:01)
    IBM Developerworks:"The Semantic Web envisioned by Berners-Lee, Hendler, and Lassila in 2001 was a grandiose vision that involved the use of agents to book doctor appointments and to find the best driving routes with the least hassle. The envisaged system was built upon formal ontologies that had already achieved a large following of scientists and agent developers."

  • Dojo Concepts for Java Developers (Oct 22, 2008, 04:31)
    IBM Developerworks: "Dojo is being used more and more in Web-based applications. Many developers have strong skills in Java™ programming, but only limited experience in JavaScript. They can struggle with the conceptual leap from a strongly typed, object-oriented compilation language to a dynamic, weakly typed scripting language. This confusion can make it difficult for developers to correctly declare Dojo classes. This article helps clear up this confusion, shows why it may be necessary to set context, and describes how to go about it."