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Developer Linux News for Nov 06, 2008

  • Not Screws and Bolts (2008-11-06 18:35:11)
    Linux Gazette: "The aim of these notes is to give you root access to a Debian "lenny" installation on on your existing computer without worrying about any hardware issues. To do this, you will not need to re-boot your computer, and will only append to the existing data on it. The question of why1 you may want to do this is addressed in the last section..."

  • Say What You Want From Us But Not What we Don't Want to Hear (2008-11-06 14:05:11)
    mmu_man's blog: "Oddly it seems I'm not the only one asking for opensource on that forum... But it seems to be more "politically correct" when it's for GNU/Linux... which usually means the result would be GPL, so unsuitable licence-wise for porting to Haiku, and unportable anyway because no stable driver API in Linux means no way to understand it easily. "

  • IBM, Sun Microsystems Launch ODF Toolkit Union (2008-11-06 06:05:11)
    Openoffice.org Conference: "IBM and Sun Microsystems, Inc. today announced the launch of the OpenDocument Format (ODF) Toolkit Union, a new open-source software community project organized to make document software more innovative, versatile and useful for business."