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Developer Linux News for Nov 11, 2008

  • Building Command Line Utilities with Python (2008-11-11 21:34:26)
    Enterprise IT Planet: "When you write code, whether in Python or some other language, you probably have a goal that you or someone else will one day run it. A very common, useful, and powerful option for running your code is to call it from a command line. Writing your code so that it runs from the command line is easy. In fact, you don't have to do anything special to get it working on the command line."

  • Android on iPhone (2008-11-11 19:34:54)
    Tech Source From Bohol: ""Why bother installing Android on an iPhone?" you may ask. I've got a simple answer: a combination of the most gorgeous phone in the world with the most advanced mobile OS would be spectacular."

  • Examining the Compilation Process, part 3 (2008-11-11 18:34:54)
    Linux Journal: "I hadn't intended for this to be a three part series, but it's been pointed out that I didn't cover the make utility and I think it's almost negligent to discuss software development and not discuss make. Since I don't like to think of myself as negligent, I decided to extend the series to one more article."

  • 4 Open Source Code Review Tools (2008-11-11 11:34:54)
    OStatic: "While code review started out as a physical meeting process, there's been increasing interest in supporting distributed code reviews via the web. A recent tool release from Google, Rietveld, brought this back into the news - but there are other tools that are probably a better fit for most organizations."

  • Updated Bash Script To Get Cable, Dish and Local TV Listings (2008-11-11 10:34:54)
    The Linux and Unix Menagerie: "This week's script is an update to include a lot of error checking and (from the suggestion I received the most often :) the ability to pick a time span. This script's invocation will allow you to get listings from "right now" (or whatever you set the "time" variable to) to the regular 3 hour time span in half-hour increments."

  • Enrich Your Web Site With the Fruits of the Wikimedia Project (2008-11-11 05:34:54)
    IBM Developerworks: "You know Wikipedia, but do you know of the dozens of related sites that provide user-generated content that is just as valuable? Many of the related sites under the Wikipedia umbrella are very useful to Web developers. Learn how to enrich your information space with resources beyond Wikipedia, including examples of widgets applying data from these sites."