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Developer Linux News for Nov 18, 2008

  • GNOME's Stormy Peters on the Most Important Desktop Issue (2008-11-18 14:05:53)
    OStatic: "The GNOME Foundation executive director, Stormy Peters, recently wrote a bit about why the focus on "the KDE versus GNOME" debate is not the real issue. Many commenters on her post agree (while others actively demonstrate) that it is counterproductive."

  • Understand Commonly Used Features in Java Development Tools (2008-11-18 06:05:53)
    IBM Developerworks: "This "Mastering Eclipse" series of articles teaches complete newcomers to Eclipse the ins and outs of the Eclipse IDE. By the end of the series, you'll be on par with advanced users. In this article, learn about working with various parts of the Eclipse JDT."

  • Founding of the Freedesktop Group in Beijing (2008-11-18 04:35:53)
    17Lamp.net: "I was honered to be a guest at the founding meeting of the Freedesktop Group Bejing (which is part of the College Open Source Society) last Saturday, November 8, 2008 at Tsinghua University and to introduce LXDE to some of the brightest IT students from universities in Beijing."

  • Administering RBAC in PHP 5 CMS Framework (2008-11-18 03:05:53)
    Webreference: "The administration of the system could be done by writing directly to the database, since that is what most of the operations involve. There are strong reasons not to do so."

  • The Robot: Base, Wheels, Motors, and Sabertooth Motor Controllers (2008-11-18 01:05:53)
    Adam's Tech Talk: "Rather than another visit to Homebase for some steel reinforcement, I just stuck (melted) two pieces firmly together with polycarbonate acid glue and then trimmed the edges with an electric saw."