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Developer Linux News for Nov 21, 2008

  • Editor's Note: Linux Should Copy Amiga (2008-11-21 23:03:12)
    Mark Shuttleworth made headlines not too long ago when he called for the Linux desktop to surpass Mac OS X in both beauty and functionality. While a lot of folks thought that was breathtaking and audacious, I think he's aiming way too low. I think Linux should aspire to equal or better the Amiga OS.

  • GCC Hacks in the Linux Kernel: Discover GCC Extensions for the C Language (2008-11-21 21:03:12)
    IBM Developerworks: "The Linux kernel uses several special capabilities of the GNU Compiler Collection (GCC) suite. These capabilities range from giving you shortcuts and simplifications to providing the compiler with hints for optimization. Discover some of these special GCC features and learn how to use them in the Linux kernel."

  • More Milestones in Linux Kernel Development History (2008-11-21 20:03:12)
    Linux Developer Network: "After we published the "Estimating the Total Development Cost of a Linux Distribution" whitepaper, out of curiosity I wondered where in the overall development history of the Linux kernel the $1 billion number was actually reached. There was also the desire to trace the history of Linux and monitor its growth. Here's what I came up with."

  • Book Review: SQL Hacks (2008-11-21 11:03:12)
    Free Software Magazine: "SQL Hacks: Tips & Tools for Digging into Your Data by Andrew Cumming and Gordon Russell sets itself apart through format, easy-going style, and ability to cover lots of tips, tricks, and hacks with Structured Query Language."

  • 30 Game Scripts You Can Write in PHP (2008-11-21 04:03:12)
    IBM Developerworks: "Each article in this "30 game scripts you can write in PHP" series will cover 10 scripts in 300 words or less (3d10 stands for "roll three 10-sided dice") simple enough for even a beginning developer, but useful enough for a seasoned game player. The goal is to give you something you can modify to suit your needs, so you can impress your friends and players by busting out your laptop at your next gaming session."

  • Creating a Daemon With Python (2008-11-21 00:03:12)
    Enterprise IT Planet: "If you are an average internet user, then you interact with daemons every day. This article will describe what daemons do, how to create them in Python, and what you can use them for."