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Developer Linux News for Dec 02, 2008

  • Top 10 Software Development Articles of 2008 (2008-12-02 23:01:57)
    Linux Magazine: "We covered a lot of ground this past year -- from Python to MPI, GPUs to NUMA -- so without further ado, here are the 10 best software development articles posted to Linux Magazine in 2008."

  • Expand Your User-Authentication Options With Mouse Dynamics (2008-12-02 13:01:57)
    IBM Developerworks: "Learn how to apply the open source tools cnee and Perl in mouse-click dynamics to measure the more subtle characteristics of human-computer interaction. Then use the number and hold time of mouse-click events to help authenticate users."

  • The Robot - Progress and a Video (2008-12-02 10:01:57)
    Adam's Tech Talk: "The majority of the previous hardware issues have also now been solved which is good. The degrading CF cards was caused by a bad Alix board (I’d probably blown a resistor somewhere at some point). A replacement Alix board has arrived while I sell the other on eBay as faulty for any enthusiast who may wish to try and repair it"

  • Java and Linux - an Open Marriage in Search of Success (2008-12-02 08:31:57)
    The Register: "In 2004 Eric Raymond wrote an open letter to Sun Microsystems' then chief executive officer Scott McNealy demanding Sun open up their core Java intellectual property and allow anyone do whatever they damn well please with it."

  • Harvest Comes After the Seed is Planted (2008-12-02 05:31:57)
    17LAmp.net: "Opening new markets, forging new friendships and strengthening existing relationships is an ongoing challenge. It requires a consistent effort over time and rarely shows imediate results. Done with honesty, openness, fairness and perseverance it does pay off."