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Developer Linux News for Dec 10, 2008

  • MinGW and Why Linux Users Should Care (2008-12-10 09:05:31)
    LWN.net: "The Minimalist GNU for Windows (MinGW) project is a way to get GCC and tools like binutils working to build software for the Windows environment—something that might not sound very interesting to Linux users or developers. But there are a number of advantages to porting and regularly testing free software on Windows, as Red Hat's Richard Jones and Dan Berrange explain in the following interview."

  • Linux and UNIX How To: Scripting SSH and SFTP (2008-12-10 04:35:31)
    Enterprise IT Planet: "SSH is an indispensable tool that I use every day for file transfers, remote execution of tasks, setting up network port redirection between systems (tunneling), and securely driving a shell on a remote system. While the SSH commandline client on UNIX and Linux systems is how I interact most often with SSH servers on the remote end, there are times when it is helpful to script some action or series of actions rather than performing them interactively."