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Developer Linux News for Jan 15, 2009

  • Google's Twitter Variant, Jaiku, to Go Open Source Too (2009-01-15 22:04:25)
    OStatic: "Google has its own alternative to Twitter, Jaiku, which it acquired in October of 2007. It hasn't gone far on its own, but Google has just announced that it will no longer actively develop the Jaiku codebase and will open source it."

  • Textures in Blender (2009-01-15 14:04:25)
    Packt: "In this article by Allan Brito, we will learn how to use textures to give our materials more realism. The biggest problem of working with textures is actually finding or creating a good texture. That's why, its highly recommended that you start as soon as possible to create your own texture library."

  • Supplement Creative Commons with open standards (2009-01-15 09:04:25)
    IBM Developerworks: "However, these protections sometimes prevent users from using the content in ways they would expect to be entitled, such as playing music on their computers and their portable MP3 players. Through DRM standards that encourage some Creative Commons (CC) ideals, consumers can choose usage rights."

  • Nokia To Add LGPL to Qt Licensing Model (2009-01-15 00:04:25)
    OSNews: "After Nokia purchsed Trolltech last year, doubts arose about how Nokia would handle the dual licensing model of Qt, the advanced cross-platform toolkit which lies at the base of the KDE Free software desktop. As it turns out, these doubts were unfounded, as Nokia today announced it's going to add the LGPL to Qt's licensing model, starting with Qt 4.5."