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Developer Linux News for Jan 21, 2009

  • LCA2009: That mysterious thing called the kernel (2009-01-21 23:32:59)
    IT Wire: "Corbet's talk, titled "Joining the mob: a guide to the kernel development process", was presented in his usual concise manner."

  • LCA2009: Getting FOSS developers and companies to play nicely (2009-01-21 21:02:59)
    IT Wire: "When Bdale Garbee speaks, people in the free and open source software worlds stop and listen. Let me reword that a bit - when Bdale Garbee speaks, people in the technology industry stop and listen."
    link fixed-- ed.

  • Obama administration seeks advice on benefits of open source (2009-01-21 18:02:59)
    451 CAOS Theory: "Not from The 451 Group, unfortunately, but from Sun's chairman and co-founder Scott McNealy, who told the BBC he has been asked by the new administration to prepare a paper on how the use of open source software within government can improve both security and the cost-effective use of technology."

  • Micosoft man encounters Linux storm (2009-01-21 17:32:59)
    FOSSBazaar: "Lawrence Crumpton from Microsoft explains how open source is becoming more mainstream at the software company."
    This is the video of the talk where Mr. Crumpton learned that Microsoft's usual double-talk does not work on knowledgeable people-- ed.

  • Linux video converter released (2009-01-21 16:02:59)
    Rudd-O: "True to its flexible and capable roots, Linux has a ton of ways to convert videos, with multiple competing projects all featuring astounding capabilities."

  • Linus Torvalds on regression, laziness and having his code rejected (2009-01-21 15:32:59)
    APC Magazine: "Corbet noted that regression -- introducing code which helps fix some issues in the open-source OS, but is also known to cause other problems -- is actively discouraged. "There is a pretty strong ethic towards not breaking things and I think that has gotten stronger over time," Corbet said."

  • An Intro to HyperGrid, OpenSim's Hyperlink Architecture for the Metaverse (2009-01-21 12:02:59)
    OStatic: "The open source project originated as a reverse-engineered spinoff of Second Life's GPL-licensed viewer code, and continues growing and evolving far beyond it. Especially with the recent addition of an important feature: the "Hypergrid", a new core OpenSim network architecture which may well establish the HTTP protocol of the metaverse."

  • AMD Catalyst vs. X.Org Radeon Driver 2D Performance (2009-01-21 10:32:59)
    Phoronix: "One of the common complaints about the ATI Catalyst Linux driver is slow 2D performance, but is this really the case? Does AMD's binary-only Linux driver have 2D performance issues that could actually make it run slower than the open-source driver?"