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Developer Linux News for Jan 23, 2009

  • The Way of the Hacker (Jan 23, 2009, 21:02)
    Tech Source From Bohol: "Raymond's own version of koans entitled, 'The Unix Koans of Master Foo' is filled with humor and wisdom that every wannabe hacker should enjoy. Here are a couple of Unix koans that I took from ESR's website:"

  • Microsoft donates code to Apache Stonehenge project (Jan 23, 2009, 20:02)
    SDTimes: "Several months after joining the Apache Foundation, Microsoft has made a code contribution to an Apache project."

  • Torvalds shaves Garbee's beard: Photos (Jan 23, 2009, 17:32)
    ZDNet: "Garbee looks apprehensively at the shears Torvalds brought for the occasion."

  • Open source identity: Linux founder Linus Torvalds (Jan 23, 2009, 14:02)
    The Industry Standard: "He took some time out to speak to Rodney Gedda about a host of topics including point releases, filesystems and what it is like switching to GNOME. He also puts Windows 7 in perspective."

  • Eclipse Rolls Out PHP Development Tools 2.0 (Jan 23, 2009, 13:32)
    Internet News: "The PHP community is finally getting an update to the Eclipse Foundation's PHP Developer Tools (PDT) project, an important set of tools for developers that has not been update since the initial 1.0 release in 2007."