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Developer Linux News for Jan 27, 2009

  • Mozilla Goes to Bat for Open-Source Video on the Web (2009-01-27 20:03:12)
    Wired: "If Mozilla has its way, you'll soon be able to watch streaming video on sites all over the web without ever having to use a plug-in."

  • New Realeyes IDS Release and Demos (2009-01-27 19:47:12)
    Realeyes Technologies: "I am very pleased to announce that I have created several demos of the application. The main links go to youtube, but there are ogg theora versions available also."

  • AMD Releases R600/700 3D Documentation (2009-01-27 18:03:12)
    Phoronix: "This month an AMD Video BIOS Disassembler was released by Novell, which is one of AMD's open-source partners. This evening, however, AMD has released its R600 3D specifications to the general public."

  • Torvalds, KDE 4, and the Media Circus (2009-01-27 15:33:12)
    Datamation: "Just as KDE 4 is poised to prove itself with the user-friendly 4.2 release, the year-long controversy over the changes from the KDE 3 release has ignited again. This time, the spark was a interview comment by Linus Torvalds that he had switched to GNOME and thought that the KDE release had been mis-managed."

  • A conversation with Bdale Garbee (2009-01-27 14:03:12)
    IT Wire: "One of the messages that I posted late in the thread of discussion was to the effect that I would much rather see us resolve some of the related bugs in question than spend much more time talking about them."