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Developer Linux News for Mar 04, 2009

  • How To add multiple datapoints the Easy Way in Zenoss. (Mar 04, 2009, 23:03)
    Linux Dynasty: "Recently I had to input quite a few OID's into Zenoss. This meant I had to create a Data Source for each OID I wanted to monitor as well as one Data Point. Now I knew this was going to be a hassle!!! So I decided to write a custom Python script that uses pysnmp to essentially do a snmpwalk (nextCmd) on a Branch of OID's. This means that I can create one Data Source and Mutiple Data Points."

  • Cloud computing versus Grid computing (Mar 04, 2009, 19:49)
    IBM Developerworks: "Want to know more about cloud and grid computing? Learn how you can use Infrastructure as a Service to get a full computer infrastructure using Amazon's Elastic Compute Cloud (EC2). See the similarities, differences, and issues to consider in grid and cloud computing. Explore some of the security issues and choices for Web development in the cloud, and see how you can be environmentally friendly using cloud computing."

  • Quake, Meet GPL; GPL, Meet Quake (Mar 04, 2009, 14:03)
    Linux Journal: "Back in the summer of 2005, id Software released the Quake 3 engine to the public under the GPL license. For open-source enthusiasts, it was amazing news, but to the general public, it seemed like mostly marketing nonsense. Releasing the Quake 3 engine, unfortunately, wasn't the same as releasing the game, so the average gamer didn't gain anything--at least, not at first."

  • Mozilla Firefox 3.1 gets 4th beta (Mar 04, 2009, 13:03)
    Computerworld UK: "Mozilla has confirmed that it will add another beta to the Firefox 3 .1 development schedule, a move that will push the browser's ship date to the second quarter or later."