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Developer Linux News for Apr 16, 2009

  • Does a court ruling raise the risks of open source? (Apr 16, 2009, 23:32)
    InfoWorld: "Moreover, a ruling that could put money into the pockets of wronged developers also means that lawyers, who have remarkably stayed out of disputes around open source software, now have an incentive to become involved."

  • Intel Drops A Load Of G45 Programming Documentation (Apr 16, 2009, 18:02)
    Phoronix: "While Intel has long backed an open-source graphics driver for their integrated graphics driver, it was not up until last year when Intel released the i965/G35 documentation that there was public, NDA-free documentation concerning their newer IGPs."

  • Vulnerabilities in Linux allow root privileges (Apr 16, 2009, 15:32)
    H Online: "According to a number of Linux distributors, a bug in the udev service under Linux can be exploited to obtain root privileges."

  • How FOSS makes better programmers (Apr 16, 2009, 15:02)
    Raiden's Realm: "A hot button topic of late that I've seen rising up in the programming world is the discussion of how FOSS destroys the programming trade. Now on the surface one might think that to be true."

  • That massive filesystem thread (Apr 16, 2009, 12:32) "One can only pity Jesper Krogh, who almost certainly didn't know what he was getting into when he posted a report of a process which had been hung up waiting for disk I/O for several minutes. All he was hoping for was a suggestion on how to avoid these kinds of delays - which are a manifestation of the famous ext3 fsync() problem - on his server. What he got, instead, was to be copied on the entire discussion."