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Developer Linux News for Apr 27, 2009

  • Linus on Linux: The Linus Torvalds Interview Part 2 (Apr 27, 2009, 20:32)
    Linux Magazine: "In part 2 of our interview, Linus talks about the process of managing kernel developer commits, selecting a revision control system and how he personally uses git."

  • How many billions is open-source software worth? (Apr 27, 2009, 19:47)
    Cyber Cynic: "Thanks to a Linux Foundation study, we know that creating the Fedora 9 Linux distribution would have cost $11.5-billion in conventional software costs. So, given all that, what do you think OSS (open-source software) as a whole is worth? How's about $387-billion?"

  • Open Source in Cloud Computing Really "Under the Radar" (Apr 27, 2009, 16:47)
    Linux Developer Network: "Clearly, the underlying technology of cloud computing will be based on open source software--that is, if the three cloud infrastructure hopefuls addressing a standing room-only crowd of more than 350 venture capital firms, large company CTOS and CIOs, and other cloud hopefuls--are as successful in their efforts as the show's judges and audience anticipated."

  • Code Project: Build an Ncurses UI with Python (Apr 27, 2009, 13:32)
    TuxRadar: "In this coding project, we're going to solve this problem - and have fun along the way! We'll show you how to write a dialog-based program that gives you options one-by-one so that you don't need to consult the man pages."

  • Analysis of Git and Mercurial (Apr 27, 2009, 12:32)
    Google Code: "This document summarizes the initial research for adding distributed version control as an option for Google Code. Based on popularity, two distributed version control systems were considered: Git and Mercurial. This document describes the features of the two systems, and provides an overview of the work required to integrate them with Google Code."

  • Sharpening the Intel Driver (Apr 27, 2009, 10:02)
    Keith Packard: "This week, we finished up our 2009 Q1 release of the Intel driver. Most of the effort for this quarter has been to stabilize the recent work, focusing on serious bugs and testing as many combinations as we could manage."