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Developer Linux News for May 26, 2009

  • Bug 421: Wine Developers Upset About Maintainer (May 26, 2009, 20:33)
    Linux Magazine: "A couple of kernel developers at Wine are upset about the current project leadership. Behind the dissatisfaction is so-called bug421 on the missing device-independent bitmap (DIB) engine."

  • Linux Unified Kernel 0.2.4 released (May 26, 2009, 15:33)
    KDE Announce: "Linux Unified Kernel (also known as LUK or Longene) is a computer operating system kernel intended to be binary-compatible with application software and device drivers made for Microsoft Windows and Linux."

  • RMS and His Magic Bread (May 26, 2009, 15:03)
    Open...: "I'm also impressed by the steadfastness of his vision: he does not flit from one trendy idea to another, but sticks unswervingly to his core beliefs. But even I am astonished by this July 1986 interview with him, which could have been conducted yesterday:"

  • The elusive, royalty-free patent licence for Mono (May 26, 2009, 12:33)
    IT Wire: "How difficult or easy is it to obtain one of the much-touted "royalty-free, reasonable and non-discriminatory" licences for Microsoft patents that are part of a technology like Mono?"