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Developer Linux News for Jun 14, 2009

  • ATI Radeon Driver Re-Write Still Has Work Left (2009-06-14 22:01:45)
    Phoronix: "To those running ATI Radeon graphics cards on Linux, this week has been very important with several key announcements having been made. The TTM memory manager is getting ready for inclusion into the Linux kernel, which finally will allow the open-source ATI driver (and soon the Nouveau driver too for NVIDIA hardware) to have kernel-based GPU memory management."

  • ZDNet: What Open Source shares with Science (2009-06-14 14:01:45)
    Khaotic Musings: "She was quite surprised when I introduced her to that concept of open source software, and how it was merely an extension of, if not the Scientific Method per-se, then at least the underpinning drive and methodology of Science."

  • Linus' Blog: Happiness is a warm SCM (2009-06-14 10:01:45)
    Linus' Blog: "I'll have to post this while I'm still happy, because the merge window for Linux 2.6.31 opened a day ago (well, somewhat more, but I don't take patches immediately after doing a release), and so far it's been such a nice thing that I thought I'd better post while in a good mood. Before somebody sends me the merge request from hell."