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Developer Linux News for Jun 16, 2009

  • Debian may include Mono in default install (2009-06-16 23:31:24)
    IT Wire: "The Debian GNU/Linux distribution may include Mono in its default install, with the project leader Steve McIntyre telling iTWire today that "there's a chance that it might do, but it's under discussion at the moment.""

  • Microkernels Address the OS Softspots on Your Network (2009-06-16 23:01:24)
    Enterprise Networking Planet: "Operating systems are always a weak spot when it comes to network security because they are riddled with bugs which lead to security vulnerabilities. But why is it so hard to write secure operating systems and what can be done to make them more secure?"

  • Unix Hits the Big Four-Oh (2009-06-16 20:31:24)
    Serverwatch: "There's been plenty of comment on the Internet lately about Unix reaching the big four-oh this year, although it's not quite clear when its birthday really is."

  • The Linux UI future; more complex than ever (2009-06-16 19:01:24)
    The H Open: "With Linux being used as the foundation for numerous smartphone and mobile internet devices, it is tempting to suggest that this movement is going to open the doorway to desktop Linux. Tempting, but not accurate."

  • Drizzle: Rethinking the MySQL Database Kernel (2009-06-16 18:31:24)
    Linux Magazine: "Drizzle is a re-thought and re-worked version of the MySQL kernel designed specifically for high-performance, high-concurrency environments. In this exclusive article, MySQL guru Jeremy Zawodny takes an inside look at the goals and state of Drizzle development."

  • Build Websites Visually with Amaya (2009-06-16 17:31:24)
    The Daily Ubuntu: "Today I continue the series on web development applications with Amaya, a what-you-see-is-what-you-get (WYSIWYG) development application for Linux created by the W3C."

  • The A-Z of Programming Languages: Erlang (2009-06-16 15:01:24)
    Computerworld: "What's behind the name Erlang?
    Either it's short for "Ericsson Language" or it's named after the Danish mathematician Agner Krarup Erlang. We have never revealed which of these is true, so you'll have to keep guessing!"

  • KDE Linux Netbook Desktop (2009-06-16 13:43:20)
    It Runs on Linux: "The developers of the KDE desktop environment for Linux are working on a netbook optimized KDE 4 Plasma user interface. Applications & widgets can be displayed on low resolution displays & the graphical effects don't use too much resources."

  • Fedora 9 End Of Life (EOL) (2009-06-16 12:04:45)
    Linux Weekly News: "With the release of Fedora 11 now past us, it's come time to remind folks that per the release policy, maintenance for the N-2 Fedora release ends one month after the Fedora N comes out."

  • Develop Websites Quickly with Bluefish (2009-06-16 09:04:45)
    The Daily Ubuntu: "Recently, I've been developing web applications using frameworks, and Linux in general makes these things quite a bit easier. Therefore, I figured I should present some of the basic tools you can use to create, develop, and host a website."

  • Command Line Init Script Generator For Linux Or Unix (2009-06-16 04:34:45)
    The Linux and Unix Menagerie: "This script is an update of an earlier post we did to showcase a basic init script generator for Linux or Unix, again hearkening back to 2007. How time flies when you're not paying attention to what you're doing ;)"

  • Mono, here we go again (2009-06-16 02:04:45)
    Always Right: "We've seen how much OIN counted in the TomTom dispute."