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Developer Linux News for Jun 19, 2009

  • openSUSE Factory is Now Open (2009-06-19 23:33:55)
    LWN.net: "openSUSE development is now even _more_ open than before. Factory development is changing, and we're making it easier for contributors to take responsibility for packages and to contribute directly to openSUSE."

  • More about Moblin on the Nettop (Part 3) (2009-06-19 22:33:55)
    Jamie's Random Musings: "The first thing to say about Moblin this time is that the automatic update process seems to work very well. Shortly after booting it today I got a notice that there were 344 updates available for my system, and it is now happily chugging along installing them. Quite Nice."

  • Fedora 11 Provides Glimpse of Future for Red Hat Enterprise Linux (2009-06-19 22:03:55)
    DBTA: "The project fulfills several purposes and "one of them is to give Red Hat a place to contribute code and have it integrated into a release that is in very wide distribution to millions and millions of users," Paul Frields, Fedora project leader at Red Hat, tells Linux Executive Report."

  • 10 reasons why open source makes sense on smart phones (2009-06-19 20:33:55)
    10 Things: "Open source brings a host of benefits to the mobile market, starting with cost savings. But as Jack Wallen explains, the advantages go much further - from better security to more customization options to more prolific application development."

  • Amazon code release irrelevant, Kindle is still closed (2009-06-19 19:33:55)
    ars Technica: "Amazon recently released the source code of some of the components that are used in the Kindle. Contrary to the erroneous reports that are circulating the Web, Amazon is not opening its ebook reader. The code release is purely for GPL compliance while the Kindle's ebook features remain proprietary."

  • CIA gets open source for enterprise search (2009-06-19 19:03:55)
    Computerworld UK: "The company providing technology to the US intelligence community has invested in an open-source firm to provide enterprise-search technology to the CIA and other intelligence agencies."

  • Firefox and Firebug: A Developer's Swiss Army Knife (2009-06-19 18:03:55)
    HTML Goodies: "If you are developing or theming for a content management system (CMS) -- such as Drupal, Joomla, WordPress, Blogspot -- Firebug is an essential tool. These applications are comprised of many, many files, and navigating through this maze can be daunting without a tool like Firebug"

  • Firefox 3.5: what's in a number (2009-06-19 17:03:55)
    Open Enterprise: "Shaver noted how most of the real advances in 3.5 were non-obvious to the general user; sending it out into the world as Firefox 4.0 would have created false expectations that might not have been met. So think of it as a kind of coded signal to those in the know: it may not look much different, but there are some powerful new features under the bonnet."

  • NVIDIA: WinCE Better for ARM Netbooks than Android, Linux (2009-06-19 16:33:55)
    OSNews: "Mike Rayfield, the company's general manager for the mobile business unit, has stated that NVIDIA prefers Windows CE over Android because CE is more mature. Windows CE "is a rock-solid operating system that has been shipped billions of times.""

  • Linux Kernel Design Patterns - Part 1 (2009-06-19 13:33:55)
    Linux Weekly News: "One of the topics of ongoing interest in the kernel community is that of maintaining quality. It is trivially obvious that we need to maintain and even improve quality. It is less obvious how best to do so."

  • Rip: A New Way to Package Ruby Software (2009-06-19 00:02:55)
    Linux Magazine: "Tired of juggling Ruby gems? Try Rip. It's a one-size-fits-all, no fuss, powerful package manager."