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Developer Linux News for Jun 30, 2009

  • Apple Will Never Replace Darwin With Linux (2009-06-30 21:32:43)
    Kuro5hin: "In fact, Apple's use of BSD code is so minute that it amounts to being a charity project that allows Apple a way of keeping FreeBSD solvent."

  • The New MySQL Server Release Model (2009-06-30 20:32:43)
    MySQL: "When I joined MySQL back in June of 2005, one of the first “MySQL Truths” I learned and repeated often when discussing MySQL with others was “release early, release often.”"

  • SourceForge delivers 4 billionth open source download (2009-06-30 18:02:43)
    Netstat -vat: "SourceForge.net, the big open source app/code repository has hit a major milestone: 4 billion downloads."

  • Data Filtering with PHP (2009-06-30 17:32:43)
    Webreference: "One of the reasons why data validation is not mentioned in these tutorials and books is because validating user input is too 'complicated' for beginners and won't comply with the notion that PHP is supposed to be 'easy' to program with. In reality, it only takes a few simple steps to validate user input."

  • KDE's Seigo gives sneak peek at version 4.3 (2009-06-30 14:32:43)
    TechWorld: "Core KDE developer Aaron Seigo posted a much-anticipated screencast of the upcoming 4.3 release. This snapshot is approaching the final release (due in a month) and comes after more than 2300 bugs (including duplicates) were closed."

  • Linux kernel design patterns - part 2 (2009-06-30 13:32:43)
    LWN.net: "This week we will look at a very different aspect of coding and see why the kernel has special needs, and how those needs have been addressed by successful approaches. The topic under the microscope today is complex data structures."

  • tridge offers a new patch to Linux's VFAT filesystem (2009-06-30 12:32:43)
    Groklaw: "tridge has done it again, offering a patch to Linux's VFAT filesystem that retains support for long names, while carefully avoiding ever having both a long and a short name for the same file."

  • Discouraging FOSS (2009-06-30 10:32:43)
    An Alien's Viewpoint: "In other words, the only hope for Microsoft to contain Linux is to remove the desire for people to continue contributing to it. If you were Microsoft how would you attempt to accomplish that?"

  • Fedora: A Hat with a History (2009-06-30 09:02:43)
    Raiden's Realm: "To start with the very deepest roots, we need to look to the kernel that makes Fedora what it is: The Linux Kernel. That was first introduced in 1991 by a then college student named Linus Torvalds."

  • 15 years of FreeDOS (2009-06-30 04:32:43)
    The H Open: "Originally released on the 28th of June 1994, FreeDOS is now 15 years old. FreeDOS is a free open source DOS (Disk Operating System) clone that was developed by Jim Hall, a former physics student at the University of Wisconsin-River Falls."

  • Too Old To Write Software? Or Just the 'Wrong Era'? (2009-06-30 00:02:43)
    Datamation: "“Man, you are crazy if you put your college graduation date on your resume.”"