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Developer Linux News for Jul 17, 2009

  • Editor's Note: Dear Firefox, You Have Non-Windows Users Too (2009-07-17 23:02:25)
    A Firefox flaw was discovered, announced, and a fix released all in one week. But in all of this hustle and bustle and flurry of announcements, a rather vital bit of data was ignored: was this a Windows-only threat, as the vast majority of them are, or were Linux and Mac users also at risk?

  • The missing piece of every Linux distribution (2009-07-17 22:32:25)
    Technology & Life Integration: "That missing piece is one of the biggest reasons why new users, coming from a windows background, fail to be properly assimilated into the Linux fold. It is one of the reasons why proprietary companies like microsoft and Apple retain their avid fan base."

  • Intel claims No. 2 Linux contributor spot as hedge against Microsoft (2009-07-17 20:02:25)
    The Open Road: "In 2009, things get more interesting, with Intel making a serious challenge to claim the top spot in Linux kernel contributions."

  • A Linux security story (2009-07-17 19:32:25)
    Cyber Cynic: "On July 16th, a security programmer named Brad Spengler, who designs an open-source network and server security program called grsecurity revealed on the full disclosures security mailing list that there was a security hole in the 2.6.30 Linux kernel."

  • Microsoft's Empty Promise (2009-07-17 13:32:25)
    Free Software Foundation: "You might think this means it's safe to write your software in C#. However, this promise is full of loopholes, and it's nowhere near enough to make C# safe."

  • All About Google's ChromeOS, by the Pundit Savant (2009-07-17 10:02:25)
    LinuxPlanet: "Emery Fletcher knows just as much about Google's ChromeOS, the reigning champion of blogware, as any other commentator in the whole world, and generously shares his insightful insights with a grateful audience."

  • Don't confuse Microsoft's IP with Linux (2009-07-17 03:02:25)
    451 CAOS Theory: "Microsoft's latest intellectual property (IP) licensing agreement is once again raising eyebrows among Linux and open source software fans, prompting some to wonder what Microsoft may be doing with regard to Linux and open source software."