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Developer Linux News for Jul 20, 2009

  • Exciting Technologies Coming to Linux (2009-07-20 23:34:39)
    Internetling: "Once again open source proved that developers collaborating all over the world deliver constant platform improvement. Let’s see what they have in store for us this time."

  • How They Built it: The Software of Apollo 11 (2009-07-20 23:04:39)
    Linux.com: "When Apollo 11’s Lunar Module landed on the Moon 40 years ago today, the software that helped take humans to another celestial body was essentially built using paper-tape rolls and thick cardstock that was punched with special holes."

  • Congratulations Microsoft (The real reason why...?) (2009-07-20 22:20:07)
    Network Plumber's Journal: "Like most GPL related actions, a lot of work was done behind the scenes to get the offending company into compliance."

  • Microsoft Shares Virtualization Code With Linux (2009-07-20 22:04:39)
    InternetNews: "Is this a thawing in the tensions between the two camps? New GPLv2 licensed code will enable Linux to run better on Microsoft's Hyper-V."

  • How NPR is Embracing Open Source and Open APIs (2009-07-20 20:34:39)
    O'Reilly Radar: "But unlike many news organizations, whose primary concern may be monetizing their content, National Public Radio is interested in turning it into a resource for people to use in new and novel ways as well."

  • Symbian signed malware - does signing matter? (2009-07-20 20:04:39)
    Netstat -vat: "The Symbian mobile OS is used by millions of phones globally and thanks to a (now corrected) oversight they could have potentially installed malware - with Symbian's approval."

  • Pigs do fly: Microsoft unleashes 20,000 lines of Linux code (2009-07-20 18:04:39)
    All About Microsoft: "Microsoft is releasing three Microsoft-developed Linux drivers to the Linux community for possible inclusion in the Linux source tree."

  • India to Create New Chip: Guess Which OS it's Using? (2009-07-20 14:34:39)
    Open Enterprise: "The Indian government will reportedly bring together top engineers to design what is tentatively being called the "India microprocessor.""

  • Mesa 7.5 Finally Released w/ New Features (2009-07-20 11:04:39)
    Phoronix: "After being in development for a number of months and being challenged by a few delays, Mesa 7.5 was officially released last night. What's most significant about this milestone is that it's the first release to include the Gallium3D architecture."

  • Who Needs GIMP and Inkscape When You Can Use CSS? (2009-07-20 03:04:39)
    Cherrysave: "You might make a rounded corner or shadowed text in Photoshop, but that is wasted time if the client doesn't like it or the website doesn't turn out as expected. Therefore, here's a list of some of the different CSS hacks you can use to get around using images."