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Developer Linux News for Jul 23, 2009

  • The Linux Kernel and Open Source Drivers (2009-07-23 23:02:36)
    Tech-No-Media: "As pointed out by Steven J. Vaughan-Nichols this was planned for a long time and will benefit Microsoft as much (if not more) than Linux. The only important thing this shows is that Microsoft is ready to embrace the GPL if it serves it's business interests."

  • Google O'Reilly Open Source Awards announced (2009-07-23 22:32:36)
    The H Open: "This years winner for Best Education Hacker was Penny Leach for her work on the Moodle Course Management System (CMS) and the Mahara e-portfolio system."

  • Microsoft Patches Linux; Linus Responds (2009-07-23 22:02:36)
    Linux Magazine: "When approached by Linux Magazine as to whether he has even looked at the code, Linus Torvalds (the father of Linux) replied: “I haven’t.""

  • One Hundred Paper Cuts Round 2 Progress Report (2009-07-23 19:32:36)
    The Plentitude of Arboreal Beauty: "We did not heal all ten paper cuts in Round 2, but we made excellent progress on seven of them, while three paper cuts (and one Kubuntu paper cut) need some more attention before they can be healed."

  • Barriers to community growth (2009-07-23 19:02:36)
    Safe as Milk: "Most communities fail to reach critical mass because someone becomes interested in your project, and just bounces off it, because of some difficulties they meet when engaging you."

  • Move Over Netbooks, Here Come Smartbooks (2009-07-23 18:32:36)
    The VAR Guy: "Now that everybody has jumped on the Netbook bandwagon, a new mobile device parade is pulling into town. Led by Qualcomm, so-called Smartbooks are slated to debut in late 2009."

  • Contributing to Apache Open Source Projects (2009-07-23 15:32:36)
    Commercial Open Source Software: "Justin Erenkrantz - Apache Software Foundation board member as well as President of the foundation - today at OSCON 2009 will talk about "Putting It All Together: Contributing to Open Source Projects", or how an individual developer can contribute constructively to an (Apache) open source project."

  • Microsoft opened Linux-driver code after 'violating' GPL (2009-07-23 12:02:36)
    The Register: "Microsoft was in violation of the GPL (General Public License) on the Hyper-V code it released to open source this week."

  • Managing Realeyes Memory (2009-07-23 07:32:36)
    Realeyes Technology: "First, I have to say that this is not a generic memory manager. It is specific to my application. It may be possible to adapt it to other applications, but the key word here is 'adapt'. However, it will hopefully give anyone who is considering doing their own memory management some food for thought."

  • Getting started with Google's O3D platform (2009-07-23 03:02:36)
    InformIT: "A new project from Google called O3D is attempting to create an open standard for displaying 3D objects in a web page."