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Developer Linux News for Jul 29, 2009

  • Announcing PTS Desktop Live 2009.3 (2009-07-29 23:32:42)
    Phoronix: "It has been no secret that we have been working to create our own Linux distribution that is designed to run off a Live DVD/USB device and would provide a standardized free software stack for running hardware benchmarks"

  • Open Source as a Healthcare Solution (2009-07-29 23:02:42)
    Linux Developer Network: "But as the US watches this debate unfold, many constituents may not realize that steps have already been taken to improve the US healthcare system, both with recent legislation and with 30-year-old software code--code that one company is harnessing with open source practices to improve clinical care across the country."

  • Have You Been Hacked by Metasploit? Find Out! (2009-07-29 21:32:42)
    InternetNews: "Didn't think it was possible to detect a Metasploit attack? New open source tool will change your mind."

  • Why Code For Free? Linux/FOSS Devs Speak! (2009-07-29 20:02:42)
    LinuxPlanet: "Last week I talked about some the advantages of Free/Open Source software for us end users. Today developers speak on why they like to use FOSS; I received so many excellent responses that I have split this into two parts, and the second part will run tomorrow."

  • Apple: iPhone jailbreaking could knock out transmission towers (2009-07-29 18:32:42)
    InfoWorld: "Unauthorized changes to the iPhone's software could allow denial-of-service attacks or free phone calls, warns Apple"

  • GNU Generation: Calling all pre-university students (2009-07-29 18:02:42)
    Free Software Foundation: "GNU Generation is a new project sponsored by the Free Software Foundation to involve high school age pre-university students (approximately ages 13-18) in free software"

  • SFLC: Microsoft violated the GPL (2009-07-29 15:02:42)
    SD Times: "Microsoft violated the General Public License v2 (GPLv2) when it distributed its Hyper-V Linux Integration Components (LinuxIC) without providing source code, says the Software Freedom Law Center (SFLC)."

  • Debian to adopt time-based releases (2009-07-29 13:32:42)
    ITWire: "The Debian GNU/Linux Project has decided to adopt time-based development freezes from now on, on a two-year cycle."

  • Apache and the future of open-source licensing (2009-07-29 13:02:42)
    The Open Road: "If most developers contribute to open-source projects because they want to, rather than because they're forced to, why do we have the GNU General Public License?"

  • Researchers Try to Stalk Botnets Used by Hackers (2009-07-29 12:32:42)
    New York Times: "To stalk the botnets, Mr. Minnich and his colleague Don Rudish have converted a Dell supercomputer to simulate a mini-Internet of one million computers."

  • A First Look at Python Classes (2009-07-29 01:32:42)
    Web Developer's Virtual Library: "To begin a discussion of classes, I think we should look back to the 'C' language. In many ways, C is the parent of most modern computer languages. Most interpreters and compilers are written in C. Most of the libraries of the scripting languages are written in C. Therefore, I could argue that modern languages are an abstraction of C in the same way that C is an abstraction of assembler."