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Developer Linux News for Jul 31, 2009

  • Editor's Note: Congratulations One Billion Firefoxes! (2009-07-31 23:03:54)
    If it weren't for Firefox what would we have? We would doubtless still have a range of browser choices, but it's hard to imagine that anything else would have risen so fast and so far.

  • Does openSUSE need a default desktop? (2009-07-31 20:33:54)
    Disassociated Press: "The most popular feature in openFATE (at least of this writing) is a proposal from KDE e.V. member Frank Karlitschek to make KDE the “default” in openSUSE. Michael Loeffler has also blogged about this and put it on the opensuse-project mailing list."

  • Javascript: The Open Source Solution for Multiple Mobile Platforms? (2009-07-31 18:33:54)
    Linux Magazine: "There is a never ending debate about which platform is best: Android, iPhone, Palm, BlackBerry, Windows Mobile, or Symbian. But what if the correct answer is … JavaScript? Is this a joke?"

  • CentOS team responds to community reaction (CentOS is not going away) (2009-07-31 14:02:27)
    TechSentry: "CentOS is not dead or going away. The signers of the Open Letter are fully committed to continue the CentOS Project. Updates and new releases will continue."

  • Firefox nears 1 billion downloads (2009-07-31 13:51:16)
    Netstat -vat: "Mozilla's Firefox is nearly a major milestone - 1 Billion downloads. That's BILLION with a B."

  • Fun with NULL pointers, part 1 (2009-07-31 07:32:27)
    LWN.net: "This vulnerability, which affects the 2.6.30 kernel (and a test version of the RHEL5 "2.6.18" kernel), is interesting in a number of ways. This article will look in detail at how the exploit works and the surprising chain of failures which made it possible."

  • Nearly Two Dozen X.Org Drivers Get Updated (2009-07-31 03:02:27)
    Phoronix: "In time for the X.Org 7.5 release (whenever that may come), David Airlie has put out new driver releases for nineteen of the X.Org video drivers."